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Books by Gregory Klimov

To all readers

If you want to know more about Gregory Klimov's books, read interview with Gregory Klimov.

This page contains only links to translations of Grigory Klimov’s books. Original russian texts you can find on the russian page.

We regret to say that only russian speaking readers can read these books since there's no translation to English or other languages (except for The Terror Machine, which is not about issue of degeneration). So we address this message to everyone who have ability and will to bring Degeneralogy to his nation. We convinced this knowledge is a must for every person. Please contact us: if you need any additional info.

Gregory Klimov gave his permission to translate, print and distribute his books freely to anyone who would like to do it.

Books by Gregory Klimov

HTML About Gregory Klimov (English)

HTML DOC The Terror Machine (English)

HTML Berliner Kreml (The Terror Machine, German)

HTML DOC Les Russes a Berlin (The Terror Machine, French)

HTML PDF A Máquina do Terror (The Terror Machine, Português)

HTML Soviet Ųišminčių Protokolai (Protocols Of The Soviet Wise Men, Lietuvos)

HTML PDF Protocols Of The Soviet Wise Men (Japanese)

DOC Prince of This World (Arabic)

DOC 100 laws of Shulchan Aruch (addition to «People of God». Arabic)


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