Gregory Klimov – born on September 26, 1918 in Novocherkassk, Russia.

Graduated from Novocherkassk Industrial Institute in 1941 and entered Military-Diplomatic Academy in Moscow. In 1945 graduated from Academy and was sent to Berlin as member of Soviet Military Administration.

In 1947 he escaped to West Germany. In 1949-1950 worked in the CIA top secret team code name – Harvard Project to destabilize Communist System by the use of special type of people with Power Complex.

Following books are result of 50 years of work in this field:

1951 – Song of the Victor (aka Terror Machine, Berlin Kremlin, Kholop's Wings)

1970 – Prince Of This World

1973 – Case #69

1975 – My Name is Legion

1981 – Protocols of the Soviet Wise Men

1987 – Red Kabbalah

1989 – God's People

2007 – Revelation (aka Family Album)

Three books are actually textbooks (conspects) of lecture cycles produced for the members of senior staff of the KGB just before the time of Perestroyka.

All these books are printed by «Sovetskaja Kuban» printing house in Krasnodar, Russia. Over 1 million copies sold.

Gregory Klimov died on December 10, 2007 at his home in New York.

Location of his grave:
Maple Grove Cemetery
Cemetery Section G, Lot 254, unit B
199 Kew Gardens road,
Queens, New York City 11415, USA

Coordinates on map: 40.7073038,-73.8224528


All my books can be translated and printed by whoever wants, wherever wants and in any quantity.

I only ask not to change the author’s text.

For all my books after the Berlin Kremlin, I didn’t get a penny of profit, and often I even invested money from my pension in order to print them.

I never gave exclusive rights to my books to anyone and I’m not going to forbid anyone to print them. Vladimir Mironov (my publisher in Krasnodar) also does not have exclusive rights to publish my books, he is just one of my publishers in Russia.

My main goal is to give information about the threat posed by vile degenerates to as many people as possible, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest price. Therefore, I never condemned the pirated editions of my books, but on the contrary, I always welcomed the reprinting of them in any possible way.

My friends in Kyiv even transferred all my books to the PDF format (Portable Document Format) to facilitate their printing in any publishing house.

Bearer General Power of Attorney

Gregory Klimov

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