by Gregory Klimov
The inside story of the Soviet Administration in Germany

"Gregory Klimov's Library":

translated from the German by H. N. Stevens
introduced by Edward Crankshaw
and Ernst Reuter
Burgomaster of Berlin

Praeger - New York
Books That Matter

Published in the United States of America in 1953
by Frederick A. Praeger Inc., Publishers
105 West 40 th Street, New York 18, N.Y.

All rights reserved
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 53-8030
Manufactured in the United States of America


Preface by Edward Crankshaw
Author's note
Introduction by Ernst Reuter, Burgomaster of Berlin
1. The Military College
2. Soldier and Citizen
3. The Song of the Victor
4. The Rational Basis
5. The Berlin Kremlin
6. Occupation Authorities at Work
7. In the Control Commission
8. The Fruits of Victory
9. The Soviet Supreme Staff
10. A Major in the State Security Service
11. King Atom
12. Prisoners of the System
13. Between Two Worlds
14. The Dialectical Cycle
15. The Marshal's Emissaries
16. Stalin's Party
17. A Member of the Politburo
18. The Wings of a Slave

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